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  • Maja Joksovic-about1

    2008 - 2012

    UNA Serbia - Web designer

    Designer, administrator and content manager for UNA Serbia websites, using mostly HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Drupal. I also worked on technical preparation of promotional materials where I used Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator.

  • 2012-2016

    Asseco South Eastern Europe

    During those times, I was building my Java skills on multiple enterprise projects, mostly related to finance and public sector. I was working with Spring and EJB, multiple database management systems, servers and even service busses since there were project with need for integration of legacy applications.

  • 2016-2019

    Levi9 Technology Services

    In Levi9 I was assigned on NodeJS projects with focus on IoT and media. I gained a lot of experience with Amazon Web Services. After some time I became JavaScript department manager. In my spare time, I was on Java.

  • Maja Joksovic-about1


    Freelance developer & Owner at MWorkshop

    Now I'm freelancer, working mostly with one client on their inhouse e-commerce solution. I also learn a lot and am open to new opportunities.

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ASSECO South Eastern Europe
Information system for social protection
(Ministry of labor and social politics)
Software solution that should enable more efficient work and cooperation of Institutions of Social Protection in the Republic of Serbia.
Software development (back-end and reporting module), testing, user guides
J2EE, Spring, Oracle DB, Jasper Reports
Direct Debit
Banking software for recurring payments as proposed by SEPA standards.
maintenance and building new modules (frontend and backend), testing
J2EE, Oracle ADF, Oracle DB/MS SQL server, Weblogic server

United payment of taxes and contributions
(Ministry of finance/Tax Administration)
Software should enable tax payers to submit tax registration over ePorezi portal. backend design and development, testing
J2EE, Oracle DB, Oracle Service Bus, Weblogic server

Integration of local tax administrations
(Ministry of finance/Tax Administration)
Earlier, tax payer data were stored and operated on local level, so the main goal of this project was integration of local data into one central database that should allow one point of data access. software design and development (front- and back-end), testing, user guides
J2EE, Oracle DB, Oracle Service Bus, Web services, Weblogic server, Oracle ADF

Clearing of payments
(Associtation of Serbian Banks)
Multilateral net settlement positions of participants are calculated by combining receivables and liabilities in respect of transfer orders exchanged between participants in the payment system – into a single net liability or net receivable of an individual participant in the payment system with respect to all other participants in that system.
software development (backend and reporting), testing
J2EE, MySQL i MS SQL Server, Wildfly server, Jasper reports

Levi9 Technology Services
IoT Platform
IOT platform that enables easy device and device data management in multitenant environment.
frontend and backend development
NodeJS, NodeRED, AngularJS 1.0, MongoDB

Talpa TV - Xanadu
Video on demand platform for Talpa TV.
backend development
NodeJS, MongoDB, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDb, IAM)

Talpa TV - Kijk
Online video on demand platform. It enables video content from the Dutch TV channels SBS6, Net5 and Veronica, complemented with the best movies and hit shows, to be experienced through KIJK.nl.
backend development
NodeJS, GraphQL, AWS, Contentful

Freelance development
An e-commerce platform that supports both B2B and B2C in multitenant environment.
design and backend development
Java, Spring Cloud, Eureka, Spring Gateway, Spring Data, MySQL


Backend technologies
Spring Cloud
Databases (MySQL, MSSQL, OracleDB, PostgreSQL)
Frontend technologies
Atlassian stack
Jira, Confluence, BitBucket
Monitoring and analysis tools
New Relic, Splunk
CI/CD tools
Jenkins, Bamboo

Education & Certification

Faculty of organizational sciences - BSc, Information systems and technologies
Faculty of organizational sciences - MSc, Information systems
JAVA SE Programmer I (1Z0-803) - Oracle
NLP Practitioner, IN - International Association of NLP institutes ( Jun 2013)
NLP Master, IN - International Association of NLP institutes ( Jun 2015)


Using database replication in integration of heterogeneous data sources
Sep 25, 2015 Proceedings of 7th International Scientific Congress – ITeO 2015 (Informational Technology for e-Education)
Integration of data from heterogeneous sources is process focused on overcoming the diversity of the source systems, especially in the context of the platform and data structures. Integration of faculty information systems is focused on creating a unique global access points that would provide an insight into different categories of importance. This paper presents the approach to faculty data integration into a single database at the University level whose purpose is real time reporting. We used database replication based tool Oracle GoldenGate for integrati-on of heterogeneous data sources.
Smart classroom: survey and future development directions
Jun 4, 2015, Proc. INFOTECH 2015
The paper presents state of the art in the field of smart classrooms describing the ways in which technologies such as various sensors, modules for face and speech recognition, projector and smart board are used in education in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching.
Applieance of open source solution in person identification through handwriting
Jul 2012, InfoM, Volume 42
Research in the area of handwriting authentication is growing since the devices with touch screen and stylus move to mass production. This paper explores achievements in this area with a focus on signature authentication. An off-line signature verification system which has been modified so that is able to use files with images of signatures for training and verification is presented. The system was tested on the original signatures, random and trained forgeries to examine what percentage of errors is given in any case and the results were very good. The paper provides a complete system with an intuitive graphical interface designed to verify the signature, which is one of the few if not the only one with open source, and is therefore open to further improvement and adaptation for specific systems. The system uses Dynamic Time Warping algorithm in combination with ER2 . System could be used in many situations since the signature is the most commonly used way of verification. The advantage of off-line system is that it does not require any specific input device, so they are ideal for verification from home.




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